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sexta-feira, maio 13, 2011

On the Darkness

Today I woke up very unhappy.
I'm feeling really bad ... and I do not know why.
I read a book but do not get any lines.
I made food to distract me and it came out horrible
feel like a huge weight on my back
a desire to scream and have everybody go to hell
The worst part is that I have no one to talk
the only person able to understand me, is not available
I never wished so much there.
And I can not but hear the voice of anyone not want to have to talk too.
So many different feelings.
So eager to cry and scream ...
He called me now, attended only by meeting
Hearing his voice made ​​me feel pain.
and he has no fault.
he reminds me of everything I lost
and all what I won.
Wanted an answer

But i dont know what is the question... 
My heart is broken by me 

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  1. Oi tudoo bom ?
    Seu Blog foi indicado a Dois Selos va já buscar!


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